[Snow-users-list] Release of generic Snow v1.1.0

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Apr 5 11:06:55 EDT 2007

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Generic Snow v1.1.0 has been released and is available on the
Snowfort.  For installation instructions see:


If you have generic Snow v1.0.0 currently installed and you
plan on using Snow with Gambit and Chicken you should first
install the latest versions of those systems (Gambit-C 4.0 beta 22
and Chicken 2.608).  This can be done with the command:

     snowman --install host-gambit host-chicken

Here are the highlights of the new version (check the online
documentation for details):

* "define" and "define-macro" (without the star) are now available
in the "provide:" section and package body.  The core packages now
use "define" instead of "define*" except when there are optional

* define-syntax/syntax-rules can be used in the "provide:" section
and package body.  It works on most host Scheme systems but
for Gambit you will have to set SNOW_HOST=gambit-sc and for
Chicken you will have to set SNOW_HOST=chicken-sc (this loads
the portable syntax-case macro expander).

* "include*" works as documented on all systems.  The filename is
relative to the file that contains the include* form.

* The package* form is well integrated with Gambit and Chicken.
The package namespace is properly maintained on those systems, both
in interpreted and compiled packages.  Compiled and interpreted
packages can coexist.  The snow.scm file has been reorganized to
make it easy to add better support for a given Scheme system.

* The define-record* form is mapped to the native record definition
form on all supported Scheme systems (except SCM).

* Change of syntax of the snowman commands (the "--" is dropped on
the commands, i.e. "snowman install foo/v1").

* Kawa is now fully supported.


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