[Snow-users-list] include-program* usage

James Long longster at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 23:09:51 EDT 2007

Does anyone use include-program*?  I am hoping to use Snow for a
graphics engine that I am writing, and separate the system into a few
loadable libraries, but in the end it'd be interesting to see the
speed gain in Gambit when the libraries are compiled together instead
of the code constantly crossing module boundaries.

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as using include-program* instead of
load-program*.  I get this error when I try:

test2.scm ---
(package* test2/v1.0.0
    (require: pi/v1))

(define (print2) (display (pi-digits 5)))


% gsi
> (include "/usr/share/snow/current/base/snow.scm")
> (include-program* "test2.scm")
*** ERROR IN (console)@2.1 -- Filename expected

Does snow handle bundling multiple packages into one shared library?
If so, how does it work?

Also, how does Snow handling naming conflicts?


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