[Snow-users-list] SXML/SSAX (second try)

Julian Graham joolean at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 12:03:33 EDT 2007

Hi Snowballers,
  (I sent a message to this list a while ago about this but the thread died.)
  Oleg Kiselyov has written an excellent XML parsing system for
Scheme, and it's been ported to a number of interpreters -- in fact,
pretty much every interpreter that Snow currently supports (with the
exception, maybe, of STklos).  I think it'd be really useful to have
some XML parsing packages included in Snow, and SSAX is pretty
ubiquitous in the Scheme world.  When I brought it up on this list a
few months ago, Marc Feeley suggested that I get in touch with Oleg
and ask him what his preferences are for porting.  His response was:

  "I guess more like `hands off'... I try to keep the core SSAX
relatively portable. [...] It's up to the developers of a particular
Scheme system and its community to decide how to treat SSAX."

  Perhaps it might be useful to contact the maintainers of the various
ports.  They are, as nearly as I can figure out:

* Dmitry Lizorkin (dmitry.lizorkin at gmail.com) - Bigloo; Chicken;
Gambit; PLT/MzScheme
* Shiro Kawai (shiro at lava.net) - Gauche
* Andy Wingo (wingo at pobox.com) - Guile
* Mike Sperber (sperber at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de) - SCSH; Scheme48

  If these maintainers want to participate, that'd be great -- but I
recently took a look at some of the different ports with the intent to
make the Snowball myself, and they're all pretty divergent in terms of
the exports they provide and how the code is organized.  The problem,
I think, is that SSAX is not just an XML parser, it's a collection of
functions for making parsers and reading text, and different
distributions have made different decisions as to how to present the
parsing system to the user.
  It's not clear to me how to proceed, but I'd love to discuss this further...


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