[Snow-users-list] SXML/SSAX (second try)

Dominique Boucher dominique.boucher at nuecho.com
Fri Jul 13 14:33:53 EDT 2007

Well said! And I'd go a step further: do it for a single implementation
first (your favorite one, or Gambit-C if you don't have one ;-), with an eye
on portability. 




Perhaps my serious suggestion is: don't worry so much.   Just

get a package out there that does any damn thing that might 

be useful and then go from there.   Separate concerns:   a snowball

for XML processing that happens to have some mud in it is a 

good place to start -- then separately, start making that snowball

really top-notch.   Don't make "getting XML in Scheme perfect"

a pre-condition for "here's a snowball for XML processors".
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