[Snow-users-list] SXML/SSAX (second try)

Kirill Lisovsky k_lisovsky at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 15 23:39:52 EDT 2007


I've a plan to snowball refactored SSAX-SXML package.

It'll likely include the following components:

  1. XML parsing - SSAX, W3C compliant

  2. HTML parsing - Neil van Dyke's HtmlPrag 

  3. SXPath - including full support for W3C XPath syntax and 
     location-step functions in Scheme. Provides expressive power of XQuery. 

  4. SXLink - W3C compliant, but without support for points and ranges

  5. XQuery Update Facility - no XQuery, just updates with Patrick Lehti syntax

  6. XSLT-like transformation - but XSLT compatibility is unlikely 

  7. Descriptive XML schema - DataGuides 

  8. Serialization to XML and HTML, including pretty printing

  9. ... and more :-)

Almost all of the code exists and is used in production for years, so it's mostly about 
refactoring/optimization/better packaging/easy of use.

API would be streamlined and much smaller comparing to current SSAX-SXML

The package is currently developed and deployed as Chicken egg, but it should
also  support Bigloo, Gambit and PLT, and Snow looks like a reasonable way to achieve this. 

The latest Chicken package at SourceForge 
provides very similar functionality.

We collaborate with Dmitry Lizorkin, and this package may be considered as
a lightweight and streamlined version of the packages maintained by him.

 It's worth a note that packaging SSAX as a separate package is quite possible
and even may be a good idea. In the past SXML-tools and SSAX were packaged 
as two separate packages, but SXML-tools heavily depended on SSAX because 
SSAX package included "common library" code, such as string processing and 
even I/O. The code is very portable but it even comes with its own "local" SRFI-13 :-)
I'd love to change this with Snow!

So, hopefully, with Snow this support code may be moved out of 
SSAX, and SSAX-SXML package may be decomposed as three different
   1. SSAX
   2. SSAX-independent SXML-tools
   3. Other SXML-tools (such as SXLink), this package depends on two others.  

If you are interested in snowballing SSAX - please let me know, Dmitry and I 
will be glad to collaborate.

Best regards,
         Kirill Lisovsky.

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