[Snow-users-list] Snow and Gambit

Kirill Lisovsky k_lisovsky at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 19 23:50:14 EDT 2007


I've an error configuring Snow (v1.1.0) for 
Gambit (beta 22) on Ubuntu 7.04:

*** ERROR IN "pack/snowlib/v1.0.1/snow/snowlib.scm"@11.1 -- Can't open file "/lib/gambit#.scm"
gambit has ***failed*** the self test

while configuration for Chicken was OK.

Command line was

  ./configure --site-root=/opt/snow-site --install-hosts=no

 and Gambit already installed.

On my box the file in question (gambit#.scm) is in 
it looks like  Gambit's installation path prefix should be supplied to configure script, but I don't see such an option.

How do I fix this?

Best regards,

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