[Snow-users-list] include relative path

Anakim Border akborder at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 02:50:07 EST 2007

Hi all.

I'm trying to write a package using multiple .scm files. My idea was
to put auxiliary functions inside an util.scm file that I'd later
include* from the main .scm of that package.

To make things clearer, let's take as an example the "examples" tree
in the snow-generic tarball. I'm doing something like this:

$ cd pi/v1.0.0/snow
$ cat >pi2.scm
(define* (pi2-hello)
         (display "hello world")
$ cat >>pi.scm
(include* "pi2.scm")
$ cd ../../.. # back into the examples dir
$ snow -- hello/v1.0.0/snow/hello.scm
open-input-file: cannot open input file:
"/tmp/snow-generic/v1.0.0/examples/pi2.scm" (No such file or
directory; errno=2)

>From this error message it seems like the include* relative path is
resolved with respect to the path where I invoked snow, not the path
of the file actually holding the include* form. Is this the intended

Thanks for your help.


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