[Snow-users-list] [gambit-list] snowman not working

Adrien Pierard pierarda at iro.umontreal.ca
Tue Nov 6 18:25:46 EST 2007

On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 12:44:07AM +0000, naruto canada wrote :
> I've successfully uploaded a package, but snowman is not working:
> This is not a test package, but I do need to test it.
> root at localhost: /root  snowman install predicate-calculus
> Can't get package list from snowfort.
> root at localhost: /root  snowman list
> Can't get package list from snowfort.

% snowman download predicate-calculus
predicate-calculus/v1.0.0/snow/predicate-calculus.scm -- signature file is missing!
Package predicate-calculus/v1.0.0 failed verification.
% snowman download --skip-verify predicate-calculus
Package predicate-calculus/v1.0.0 downloaded to "predicate-calculus-v1_0_0.tgz".
% tar xzvf predicate-calculus-v1_0_0.tgz
x predicate-calculus/v1.0.0/
x predicate-calculus/v1.0.0/snow/
x predicate-calculus/v1.0.0/snow/predicate-calculus.scm

Looks like it works perfectly here...

Possible solutions to your problem:
- try as a non root user
- double check your DNS
- install with curl instead of snowman
- install with website instead of snowman
- buy a new ethernet wire

By the way, a few comments about your code (not that mine is perfect
though...) if you don't mind:
- use the <Return> key to insert newlines in your code !
  All of those *are* supported by *all* scheme hosts...
- Don't redefine MAP, etc. Load SRFI-1 instead.
- Do not close a parenthesis per line (in most cases)
- Don't nest a dozen of IFs, use COND or CASE


Note to the others on the mailing list: where are *your* snowballs?
Note2 to everyone: aren't this mail and its reference supposed to be on
the Snow list instead of the Gambit one?
Cross-posting for this reason.

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