[Snow-users-list] bug with snow + gambit + syntax-case + define-record*?

James Long longster at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 17:29:43 EDT 2007

I can't get my module to compile when I use Gambit with syntax-case
loaded as the snow host, and also use define-record* anywhere in the
module.  gsc just crashes.  I can replicate this with the following

(package* test/v1.0.0
      (define-record* rec a b c)))

% SNOW_HOST=gambit-sc; export SNOW_HOST
% snow --compile test.scm
/usr/share/snow/current/bin/snow: line 185:  1492 Bus error
   "${PROGRAM_gambit_comp}" -:dr- -prelude '(begin (include
"'${SNOW_MACROS}'") (include*-cd "'${snow_file}'"))' -e '(load
"~~/syntax-case")' "${snow_file}"

If I change snow to include syntax-case.scm instead of load it when
calling gsc, I get this error:

*** ERROR IN #<procedure #2> -- Wrong number of arguments passed to procedure
 '(begin (define (_snow:macro-expand expr) expr) (cond-expand ((or
guile kawa) #f) (else '(begin))))
 '#(env #(top-ribcage *top* #t) ((top) #(top-ribcage *top* #t))))

This only happens if define-record* is used in the syntax-case
environment.  I'm not quite sure how to debug this, and any help would
be appreciated.

I am using Snow v1.1.1 and Gambit 4.0.1.

James Long
Coptix, Inc.
longster at gmail.com

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