[Snow-users-list] bug in _snow:get-req-packages-aux?

James Long longster at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 18:23:59 EDT 2007

I feel like I'm blame-shifting, but I can't figure out why this is
happening and I think it could be a bug in Snow (feel free to correct

I was playing around with implementing a few basic heuristics that
inline modules.  At one point I wanted to get the shallow dependencies
of a module, which seemed easy enough, as _snow:get-req-packages takes
"deep?" as a parameter.  So, I went into
_snow:expand-macro-load-or-include-program* and changed it so that it
called _snow:get-req-packages with the deep parameter to #f, and now I
get this error when calling load-program*:

*** ERROR IN #<procedure #2> -- (Argument 1) PAIR expected
(car '())

I tried tracking it down, but I couldn't pinpoint the problem.  It has
something to do with the code in get-req-packages-aux, like this:

(define (add-reqs pi)
    (if deep?
        (append (_snow:package-dependencies pi kind)
                (cdr reqs))
        (cdr reqs)))

which seems to add the required packages of the current package info.
However, I can't quite figure out the 'reqs' is.
expand-macro-load-or-include-program only passes in (list
verspack-or-filename), and so  a cdr of that would return '(), but I
can't figure where (car (cdr reqs)) is happening.

Also, sorry if I'm using this list as a technical support list if it's
supposed to be more a user support list.


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