[Snow-users-list] Minor expression missing in grammar

James Long longster at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 01:29:11 EDT 2007


I was looking through the grammar for snow packages in the documentation:


I was hoping that I would be able to export global variable
definitions (constants in my case), but I didn't see that in the
grammar.  I tried it out and I was happy to find it worked, like so:

(package* var/v1.0.0
     (provides:  (define a)))
(define a 5)

but it seems like this is missing in the grammar:

<provide-form> --> ( provide: <provide-form-body> )

<provide-form-body> --> <interface-definitions>

<interface-definitions> --> <interface-def>*

<interface-def> --> <procedure-prototype>
                 |  <macro-def>
                 |  <record-def>

<procedure-prototype> --> ( define ( <var-name> <R5RS def formals> ) )
                       |  ( define* ( <var-name> <prototype formals> ) )

Just a small note.

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