[Snow-users-list] Snowball upload

Julian Graham joolean at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 14:17:23 EDT 2007

[CCing the list...]

> My guess is that you didn't create the tar file correctly.  If you
> are in the directory containing the srfi2 directory, then you should
> execute:
>     tar cf srfi2-v1_0_0.tar srfi2/v1.0.0
> You probably forgot to put the /v1.0.0 at the end.
> A much simpler approach is to use snowman to upload your package with
> the command
>    snowman upload srfi2

Hi Marc,

Yes, you are, of course, right -- the upload's worked, now that I've
sorted out the directory structure.  Guess I didn't read the
instructions closely enough!  ;)

While I have your ear, though, I'd like to make a couple of
documentation requests:

First off, the example documentation refers to a program called
"snowrun."  I don't see this program / script anywhere in the latest
version of the snow-generic distribution.  Is there some other way to
test our snowballs from the command line?  More generally, I'd really
like to start using Snow snowballs in some projects of mine that are
not themselves part of Snow -- that is, I'd like to bootstrap Snow
using the module system of my preferred Scheme implementation.
Documentation on how to do this would be really helpful (although I
imagine it might have to be written on a per-implementation basis).


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