[Snow-users-list] Using Termite + Snow

andrew cooke andrew at acooke.org
Mon Sep 24 23:53:05 EDT 2007

[Not sure whether to use Gambit or Snow list - hope duplication not a

I have just installed Gambit (4.0.1), Termite (tarball) and Snow (1.1.1). 
Things seem OK, in that the following works:

> gsi
Gambit v4.0.1

> (self)
#<thread #1 primordial>

So I then defined the following in a Snow package:

  (define (acu-pmap f lst)
    (let ((parent (self)))
      (map (lambda (pid)
             (recv ((,pid reply) reply)))
           (map (lambda (x)
                  (spawn (lambda () (! parent (list (self) (f x))))))
  (define (acu-pmap f lst) (map f lst))))

However, when I try to use code that calls acu-pmap I get the error (line
30 is the "let"):
*** ERROR IN ac-utils/v1#acu-pmap, "ac-utils.scm"@30.20 -- Unbound
variable: ac-utils/v1#self

Can anyone suggest why this doesn't work and/or how I can fix it?


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