[Snow-users-list] Another snowball, another categorical question.

Matthew Martin matt.a.martin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 13:18:23 EDT 2008

Wrapped up match.scm from http://synthcode.com/scheme/ as a snowball,
but what category? It is "A fully portable hygienic pattern matcher
backwards compatible with Andrew Wright's MATCH syntax.".

I was thinking of a category something like 'syntax', would that make sense?

There's also some other code there I'm thinking of making into
snowballs at some point as well, like loop and gettext, but those
would take me quite some time. I have to figure out how loop is
organized, and the gettext code has a lot of Gauche-specific stuff.
Glancing at it I'm pretty sure most if not all of its Gauche
dependencies can replaced with existing snowballs though.  I suppose
loop would go in the same category as match, and gettext seems to
obviously fit in the 'text' category, and/or an i18n category.  But
right now I'm working on other things.

Also, the pregexp snowball actually works now... oops.

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