[Snow-users-list] Difficulties on Gambit

Joel J. Adamson jadamson at partners.org
Wed Mar 12 10:26:28 EDT 2008

"Matthew Martin" <matt.a.martin at gmail.com> writes:

> On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 2:56 PM, Joel J. Adamson <jadamson at partners.org> wrote:

> That's an old problem... kinda surprised it's still there.

I know there was discussion of it on the list (I checked the archives).
This was in a download of snow-generic from the main download page.  Is
there a VC repository somewhere?

> 2 things.
> 1) It's "srfi1", not "srfi-1". However, it should simply reply with
> "Snowfort does not contain package srfi-1."
> --------------------------------------------
> Martin at Deimos $ snowman install srfi-1
> Snowfort does not contain package srfi-1.
> ---------------------------------------------
> (the above is using mzscheme)

Yeah, I get exactly the same message when I try any snowman command.  I
just tried it with those environment variables, and I get the same thing.

> 2) I get the same error you did when I try 'env SNOW_HOST=gambit
> snowman install srfi-1' or 'env SNOW_HOST=gambit snowman install
> srfi1'. gsi is also in my $PATH.
> It would seem the immediate solution is to try a different Scheme
> implementation for the time being until someone more knowledgeable
> responds.

I'd love to take your suggestion, but I'm hooked on Gambit ;)

Here's what happens if I try guile:
| /home/joel/lisp/scm/.snow: Zshell> SNOW_HOST=guile snowman install srfi1 
| ERROR: In procedure scm_lreadr:
| ERROR: #<unknown port>:5:220: illegal character in escape sequence: #\3

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