[Snow-users-list] integration with linux distros

Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy pclouds at gmail.com
Fri May 9 13:32:14 EDT 2008


I'm trying to package snow for Gentoo Linux. I'd like to ask a few things

 - Distros usually don't install files directly to real filesystem,
instead install them to a temporary directory (in a protected
environment in case of Gentoo) then copy them to real filesystem.
Usually we pass DESTDIR to make and expect it to install to DESTDIR
instead of real filesystem. I attach a patch for that purpose. Not
really familiar with snow so it may have bugs or just incorrect.
Please have a look.

 - On Gentoo we do compile and install in two separate phases. Snow
makefile currently do it all in target "install". It would be great if
it could be splitted into two phases.

 - Can we have static URLs for fetching snowballs please? We (Gentoo
users) let our package manager fetch the source code automatically but
it's not enough intelligent to extract filename from POST response. I
think I can work around this, but it would be nicer to have static
URLs (easier for mirroring too)

 - Last question for a snow newbie (that's me): is snow hosted in some
kind of source repository like hg, git or svn? How to properly
contribute code to snow?

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