[MSLUG] Meeting this *saturday* January 3, 4:30PM

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Jan 1 20:47:19 EST 2009

Hello all.  There will be a meeting of the MSLUG this *saturday*  
January 3 at 4:30PM, at the usual place (room 3195 of Pavillon André- 
Aisenstadt at the Université de Montréal).  François-René Rideau, the  
instigator of the TUNES project (http://tunes.org/), who is visiting  
Montreal will give a talk whose title is "Creationist programming vs  
Evolutionary programming".

A apologize for the late announcement.  I hope you will all make a  
special effort to come on such short notice, at an unusual time and  
during the Christmas vacation (for many of us).  I'm sure it will be  
worth it!

Marc Feeley

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